The Grape that Broke the Fox’s Back - How to Lose Touch with the Muslim Youth

20. Februar 2012

Bern, 20.02.2012 By HS I am a fan of Aesop’s tales. I have often found them a great way of teaching naughty children the ideaWeiterlesen

"I’ve got your back, if you’ve got mine" - Reflections on the Denial of Hilal Karasu's Swiss Citizenship

2. Februar 2012

Bern, 02.02.2012 By HS It’d never occurred to me that having been born a British citizen and been raised as a Muslim in the UKWeiterlesen

Fighting for Acceptance: The Life of a Muslim Woman in Swiss Society

3. September 2011

Bern, 03.09.2011 By HS Muslim women in Switzerland have recently drawn widespread attention to their presence in a land that has housed the League ofWeiterlesen